Attitude: ‘Make-or-Break’ You


Having the right attitude is often what makes a leader strong. It can be the difference between failure and success, between inspiring someone and losing their loyalty, and between leading effectively or becoming a tyrant.

A positive attitude can help a leader to make the right decisions in crucial moments and set the standard for their team. It gives them the confidence and resilience they need to handle difficult situations while ensuring that the team has the motivation to keep moving forward.

At the same time, having a negative attitude can have drastic consequences. A leader

Bob Proctor on attitude

Bob Proctor is a motivational speaker, author and mentor. He believes that attitude is an essential factor in success. According to Proctor, attitude is the “one thing that determines whether a leader succeeds or fails.” Having the right attitude allows leaders to remain stagnant and resilient in the face of adversity, while inspiring their team to strive for greater goals.

In terms of attitude, Proctor advises that leaders focus on consistently cultivating positive thinking and emotions such as passion, enthusiasm and belief in their team and their own capabilities. Leaders must be

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