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The Agile and Scrum frameworks have become increasingly popular in Irish businesses in recent years, as organizations look to reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve the overall efficiency of their operations. Agile and Scrum provide a more efficient and flexible way of working, which can be beneficial to both the customer and the business.

Agile and Scrum frameworks are designed to be flexible, enabling teams to quickly adjust their processes and adapt to changing customer needs. This ability to quickly make changes can help businesses to save time and money, as well as providing a more efficient and effective way of working. Agile and Scrum also allow for more collaboration between teams, as well as encouraging communication and problem solving.

In addition, Agile and Scrum frameworks can help businesses to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. By working in an iterative and incremental way, teams are able to focus on delivering customer value, rather than simply trying to deliver the product as quickly as possible. This can help to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction, as customers have a better understanding of what they are getting.

Irish companies that use Scrum most

Irish companies that use Scrum most include:

1. Intercom

2. Version 1

3. Ammeon

4. Workday

5. Stripe

6. HubSpot

7. Aon

8. Alltech

9. Tyndall National Institute

10. Fidelity Investments Ireland

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