Developing Self Confidence

What does this mean?

It means, have the self belief to do what you believe in. Having confidence will free you to to where your head leads you, to do what you must do.

Prerequisites are:

  • Know your beliefs and core values
  • Have a good image of your true self
  • Have faith that you can go wrong
  • Know that you are unique. There is, and can only be, one you… …so you’d better be yourself and not the person other people think you should be

Progressive humans fail their way to success.

We will always learn more from our failures that we do from our success.

A success is hollow if not preceded by (multiple) failures 

You already have confidence, you just need to develop it

The more knowledge and experience you have the more confident you will be on that topic…so learn more.

… thus the more knowledge you have of yourself the more confidence you will be in yourself – get to know and study your true self.

Confidence has very little to do with intellect, it has more to do with faith, and by this I mean faith in yourself, and faith that the universe will provide.

3 Steps to More Confidence

1. Examine you Self Image

When you think of anything, you think in pictures.

This is quiet simple how our mind works. Children can identify sounds to things and see them,

long before the have any knowledge of the written language. In fact, long before they can speak they recognize something they like or want, and build an mental image of that so that they can ask for it in the future, should the occasion arise. This does not change as we get older…however, many of us forget that this is the case. 

Find a nice quiet place and ask yourself to paint an image of who you are, what you want, what makes you think. Do this often. You cannot do it wrong…you honestly is only answerable to yourself.

Confidence is determined by what is going on inside of you NOT by what is going on externally.

If you don’t like the image you have of yourself DECIDE to change it.

Mind and body cannot be separated. Remember the body follows the mind and not visa versa…so keep you mind positive and prosperous. 

Create your own personal Self Image Script. Write how you want to see yourself. Write it in the present tense. Read / Rewrite / Listen to it as often as you can. Build a picture board of it (Vision board) and implant it in you subconscious by constantly repeating it until it is accepted. When is is accepted by your subconsciousness you will become it.

2. Evaluate you Strengths and Weaknesses

Make a list of you strengths and weaknesses (most people will have more of these). Now pay attention to the next line…contrary to what many have been told growing up 


Let me qualify that, only tackle your weaknesses if they are getting in the way of you achieving your goals, or if they are preventing you from developing your strengths.


One generally does something well because they like doing it, it therefore comes easy. By definition it will therefore become easier to be more dedicated to it.

People are rewarded for offering better service that their competitors. Concentrate on developing your strengths and be the best in you field and you’ll love what you do.

3. Make Everyone Feel Important

Train your mind to see ‘in all people’, what they do not see in themselves. Begin to treat every person you come in contact with as the most important person in the world. 

Leave everyone you meet with an impression of increase. Don’t let other people (even themselves) influence how you think about someone. Look at them. look for what they do well and let them know you noticed it. Give sincerely merited complements freely.

…the good you find in others is a reflection of the good that is in yourself  (this can also work in the opposite way)

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