Who is Who in Scrum in Ireland

Trainer and Course Providers

Were not going to list all the providers here as a google search will quickly do that for you and, as many courses are done on line these days you can choose a provider anywhere in the world. Just take time to ensure they are the best fit for you. There a loads different certificates and certificate providers…choose the one that it best for you.

Check here from indeed.ie see the different courses and corresponding career possibilities.

Here are a few providers we like that are based in Ireland covering Scum Alliance, PMI and Scrum.org.


UCD (University College Dublin)

Dublin Coding School

Agile Bear

Agile – Scrum – Lean Groups in Ireland

Agile-lean-ireland meetup group 3000+ Members, Free



Agile/Scrum Professionals in Ireland/UK & Europe

Scrum in Ireland

Agile in Ireland

Agile in Ireland

Lean Business System Ireland

Lean Business System Ireland

Agile Cork

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