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Here we share the online resources we found most useful and in line with the official Scrum guide.

Sites and Blogs

These guys lead by example and have some great articles and resources:

Definition of Done – DoD

5 challenges creating-done-increment

Team Ownership -done

Team Collaboration -done

General Information   Stephanie Ockerman Brett Maytom Nader Lucas Smith Lucas Smith Martin Hinshelwood Resources specifically for those interested in the Product Owner role Great place to start learning and to take certifications

Psychological Models In Scrum

Product Owner (PO) Learning Path Here (SM)

Scrum Master (SM) Learning Path Here (SM)

PSM 1 v PSM 2 here

PSPO2 suggested reading

Elevator Pitch: Agile

Product Owner

Telling It Like It Is Here. Ken Schwaber’s Blog:

PO Pdf Checklist HERE

PO: Tips for PO (see links at the end of the page) Here

Tools and Templates

See also


Scrum Master Toolbox

Scrum Master Toolbox

SAFe Business Agility Podcast

Podcast link

Guaranteed Irish Business Podcast

Podcast link

Visual & YouTube

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Tutorial
User Story Mapping
Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell
Irish Tax: VAT basics
Scrum Master Interview
Learn Jira
UX User Experience Design

Reactjs to build user interfaces. Learn how here


Sample website and app designs:

Books: Reading / Audio

The Professional Product Owner

The Professional Product Owner Buy Here

Authors: Don McGreal Don’s site

Ralph Jocham: Ralph’s site

The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Buy Here

Author: Jeff Sutherland (co creator of scrum)

The Hitch-hikers guide to Agile Coaching

Buy Here

Authors: The agile 42 Coaches

Agile42’s Site

The Goal:

Topic: Lean production journey for production plant

Buy Here

Author: E. M. Goldratt

The Phoenix Project

Topic: DevOps

Buy Here

Authors: Kim, Behr & Spafford

The Lean Startup

Buy Here

Author: Eric Ries

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