Multinational Companies in Ireland

The Irish government has actively pursued foreign international investment in the last 30 years. It was particularly successful with software companies where Ireland rose to become the second highest exporter of software in the world, thanks to all the software companies that have their European headquarters here.

Companies in Ireland
Irish Economic Growth

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Financial services

This sector has seen significant growth with Brexit relocations.

Tech companies

Many of America’s tech giants have set up their European operations in Dublin. Here, these world-renowned multinationals can tap into our pool of young, English-speaking and well-educated workers.

Accounting and professional Services

The large number of multinational companies in Dublin has had the effect of drawing the world’s leading professional services firms to the city too. So if you’re looking for a job in accounting, Dublin is a great destination for you.

Science, engineering, health and pharma companies

Dublin has a proven track record for nurturing its world-leading science, engineering and health sectors. Pharmaceuticals are one of our biggest exports and our pool of well-educated STEM professionals attracts the world’s most cutting-edge multinationals. Links with local universities also boosts investment in R&D.