As you think is what you become

Ones subconsciousness is the part of your mind (brain for all intensive purposes) that controls your body. Unlike your conscious mind it does not have the power of deduction…the ability to distinguish between good and bad, to accept or reject, it only takes ‘what is’. And this ‘what is’ is what effects how you feel, think and act. See ‘the stick person’ for full explanation.

Your subconscious mind is ‘your real you’

and the good news is

you can change it.

Two Ways to Alter Your Mind

There are two known ways for a person to influence, or change, their subconsciousness:

  • Sudden impact event – this is mostly (yet not necessarily) a negative life changing even, for example; a serious accident, being told you need by the doctor you need to change something in your life now or you will die. Its an event which you can’t ignore and you simply do what necessary. It kicks in at a subconscious level, it becomes part of you and you just do it!… This is not a way we will seek out.
  • Repetition – You repeat what you say / do / think / write every day as often as possible until you subconscious mind simple says ‘OK, this is how we are going to do it from now on’. This easily explains how practice! practice! practice! is how you get good at sport, how you remember lessons from school or important people in you life decades later. Again like a ‘sudden impact event’ your subconscious mind does not want to do it and will fight you all the way…until eventual it will give in.

So your conscious decision is:

What will you feed your mind with?

will it be what people think around you, what happens to come over the media, resentment of others, anger at yourself or others? or would you like to give it something better. Have a goal and align your affirmations towards achieving that goal. One way to do this is through affirmations

Good Affirmations are healthy food the mind & body

When you read something a second time; your don’t see something new in it, you see something new in you that you never say before.

Good Affirmations

Nobody can ‘give you’ a perfect affirmation. Hell you will rarely create a perfect affirmation for yourself. But the reality is that you are the only one who can create a truly meaningful affirmation for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, you can get some great inspiration from others you see with qualities you like, or take quotes from famous people like Napoleon, Nelson Mandela or Gandhi…But this only becomes useful to you when you feel them emotionally, and can truly relate to the context (and this is more than just understanding the words).

Once you can say an affirmation is truly yours, the simple (or seemingly simple) task is to repeat it again and again, and again. With today’s technology we have so many ways to do this:

  • writing
  • recording and listening on the go
  • make a video
  • music that reminds you of it
  • pictures that remind you, and vision board that bring it home with just a glance

As I mentioned earlier, your subconsciousness will fight this new idea with all its might. At the beginning the repetition will be easiest, you get an initial boost as you have ‘decided to do it’. As time goes on the repetition becomes…well repetitive… It goes against everything we are thought. It goes against the grain with thoughts like ‘Not again’, ‘Sure I know this already’, ‘I’m fed up with this’ , ‘Its stupid’….to logically ‘I just don’t want to do it’

….But remember you are 100% not alone. As a matter of fact it happens to everyone and a great quote from Rocky goes

…its not how many times your get knocked down, its how many times you get back up…and keep going.

Get up you son of a bitch, cas Micky loves ya

Or from the fighting Picky in the move Snatch with Brad Pitt

Think the big guy in the red jacket is your ‘bad habit you want to change’ the Picky is your affirmation.

…you’ll stay ’til the jobs done

Affirmation Examples

I am so happy and grateful now that … [followed by]

If I want to be free I’ve got to be me
I am in control of my own destiny and my thoughts, actions and feelings are positive
I let everything in my life flow free and easy (as against try to control everything)
I focus only on those thing that serve me towards my greater good
I have infinite potential and I always say and think positively about myself
I am the artist of my own reality . My choices , actions and feelings contribute to my beautiful life
Money come to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis
I have a strong body and mind all day long. With spiritual perfection I can hand anything

I realize my perfection is perfect and that this perfection is in me . I begin each day where I see each area o f my life habitually

I am able to do what I like today AS I am confident that I am able to deal with the consequences of my choices.
I am on the right path for me. My destination is my choice…and I choose now.